Highest quality for your skill


A success story

DONATONI MACCHINE, in its 50 years of experience, stood out as a leader in the production and design of marble and granite processing machines.

Constant research and innovation are two key concepts to understand the relevance of the company in the industry. DONATONI has always been a step ahead of its competitors, patenting technologies that revolutionized the world of marble processing.

For this reason the personnel is accurately selected, to guarantee the highest products' quality and launch them on the market in the best way possible.

A solid tradition

DONATONI always had a special consideration for its clients, ensuring to keep up the good name of the family, that runs the company since 1959.

The main concern of the company is to create Mills and Work Centers with cutting edge technology but at the same time easy to use, to guarantee to the client the best yield of his purchase.

The machines are indeed very adaptable and suitable for every kind of manufacturing.

DONATONI Company - Client first
Recognizable quality

DONATONI MACCHINE is born and raised in Domegliara, near Verona, worldwide known as a key area for stone manufacturing. Near our facilities it's possible to visit numerous clients that use our machines with satisfaction.

Quality and reliability of the products allowed DONATONI MACCHINE to be in most of the foreign markets, also for an efficient commercial network and a constant presence in the principal world exhibitions. From Europe to the United States, from South America to North Africa, from the Arab to the Asian markets, DONATONI MACCHINE stands for innovation and precision.