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QUADRIX DG 1600-2000

QUADRIX DG 1600 and 2000 are two huge 5-6 interpolated axes CNC work centers with Z axis stroke of 1600mm or 2000mm, to perform shaping, digging, turning of spiral columns, sculpting, engraving and cutting. These machines are equipped with an ISO50 electric spindle, and use diamond rotating blades with min. 500mm to max 1200mm diameters and can mount diamond tools such as: milling wheels, drill cores, horizontal blade and diamond bits to perform various work processes.

The plant can be equipped with a lathe and a swivel thrust bearing, both with NC axes, increasing the interpolated axes from 5 to 6.

The moving parts slide on linear ball guides, and brushless motors and high precision gearboxes are used for all axes drive. Toolhead up-down drive with recirculating ball screw. All moving parts are protected by closing accordions and in oil bath (axes X and Y), and the other axes are lubricated with a grease system. Available in two versions: MTC, with manual tools change, or ATC, with automatic tools changer.

Machine's specifics
No construction details associated
Technical features
Technical schedule 1600 2000
Max number of interpolated axes 5/6 5/6
Vertical stroke Z axis mm 1600 2000
Blade-carrying head rotation (C axis) gradi -5° / +540° -5° / +540°
Blade-carrying head tilting (A axis) gradi -20° / +200° -20° / +200°
Working table dimensions mm 3500 x 2000 3500 x 2000
Maximum disc diameter mm 1200 1200
Maximum cutting depth mm 460 460
Spindle power kW 31 S6
41 S6 (OPT)
31 S6
41 S6 (OPT)
Tool rotation with inverter rpm 0 - 6000
0 - 8000 (OPT)
0 - 6000
0 - 8000 (OPT)
Cone attach ISO 50 50
Minimum blade diameter mm 500 500
Approx. total weight of the machine kg 12000 12500
Technological brain
The smart management

Each Donatoni machine comes with cutting edge technology brain. Functions, dimensions, and performances can change, but the basic assumption is an intelligent system of work management. Simple to use, outstanding results.

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