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QUADRIX DV 1100 is a medium-sized numeric control cutting and shaping center with 5 interpolated axes having Z axis stroke 1000 mm, rotary head, prepared for single or incremental – pass cutting and shaping processes for the performance of marble, granite, stone and sintered materials products. It is suitable for oblique, circular, elliptical, inclined cuts, rectilinear, concave, convex, arched, elliptic shapes, excavations of two-dimensional and three-dimensional slabs.
The possibility to mount blade having max diameter of 1100 mm grants the possibility to cut up to 410 mm thickness .

QUADRIX DV 1100 allows to produce large dimensions items but also to perform extremely precise finishing; a high production is granted by the sliding system of X and Y axes on linear guides and racks both in oil bath lubrication. The motion is given by brushless motors coupled to high precision gearboxes. It is equipped with a series of electro-spindles controlled by inverter and it can be fitted with ISO 50 type connection diamond tools, such as end mill, milling wheel and a horizontal blade.

The QUADRIX DV 1100 is suitable for those looking for a powerful and flexible machine; it can be set up as a simple machine for cutting or as a work center, complete with tool holder, automatic tool change and lathe for the performance of shower trays, sinks, window frames, frames, columns, claddings and products in general for furniture and building.

Machine's specifics
Technical features
Technical schedule
Max number of interpolated axes 5
Vertical stroke Z axis mm 1000
Blade-carrying head rotation (C axis) gradi -5° / +365°
Blade-carrying head tilting (A axis) gradi 0° / 90°
Working table dimensions mm 2000 x 3500
2400 x 3800 (con Move-System)
Maximum disc diameter mm 1100
Maximum cutting depth mm 410
Spindle power kW 31 / S6
Blade rotation with inverter rpm 0 / 6000
Minimum blade diameter mm 500
Approx. total weight of the machine kg 7200
Technological brain
The smart management

Each Donatoni machine comes with cutting edge technology brain. Functions, dimensions, and performances can change, but the basic assumption is an intelligent system of work management. Simple to use, outstanding results.

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