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DONATONI e INTERMAC, Together for excellence

Donatoni and Intermac, two companies at the forefront of technology and production quality for stone processing, in 2015 gave birth to a new partnership aimed to reach new technical and commercial goals.

Donatoni, point of reference for the construction of technologically advanced bridge saws, joins its experience with Intermac, leading company in the production of CNC workcentres and waterjet cutters.

A partnership based on a shared knowledge that creates new opportunities and further solidifies their position on the global market.

With compatible operation system, Donatoni's and Intermac’s machines can accomplish any kind of working using the same file, thus simplifying the procedures.

This combination provides customers an excellent service, also giving the opportunity to interact with a single representative for both companies.

Donatoni and Intermac, an all Italian partnership for a successful synergy

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Partnership Donatoni Intermac