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…and the Winner is “MAREA”!

…and the Winner is “MAREA”!

Today, thanks to the new technologies, machines for processing stone materials and the creativity of designers and artists, it is possible to model the stone to create totally new and unique objects and environments. The Italian Stone Theater - Marmomac 2018 exhibition has been staged once again to represent this combination of technology and art.

Donatoni Macchine believes in the research and development of innovative technologies; so they want to take part also to the 2018 edition. They did it thanks to Vicentina MarmiCave Gamba and the international designer Elena Salmistraro with the project “Marea” , "a sort of painting on an book matching slab, almost like a modern prehistoric graffiti,the water, the sea with its tides turned into the subject of my painting, giving life to fascinating and contemporary shapes and decorations "(cited E.Salmistraro).

The creation consists of a book matching wall, a tub and a sink, all performed with machines and software Donatoni Macchine. The design peculiarity of the 3 components is the realization of the wave motion of the tides by means of continuous milling along all the surfaces of the objects. The precision of the details was possible thanks to the cad-cam design work and the DG 2000 Donatoni work center. Fabio Zaupa, sales manager for Vicentina Marmi, says "For the realization of the project we have exploited the DG 2000 to the maximum, per performing roughing, excavation, emptying, grinding and milling operations even in 5 axes "," ... it is the best work center currently in function of our production department ".

The final result convinced everyone, even the jury of the Icon Award, who unanimously rewarded the work as the Winner of the 3th Edition.