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Domenino Giuseppe SNC

Domenino Giuseppe SNC

At the foot of mount Monviso, in the area where Luserna stone is mined, Donatoni has installed its exclusive technology in the premises of a local company, Domenino Giuseppe snc, headquartered in Barge(province of Cuneo).

The company Domenino Giuseppe specialises in the processing of this typical local stone with which it manufactures a wide range of products, including indoor floors and outdoor pavements, stairs, window sills and balconies (8 to 10 cm), as well as products for the building and funeral industries, for both Italian and foreign customers.
The features of this stone, which the company directly mines from its quarries and processes on a daily basis, have had a certain impact on the choice of the ECHO TWIN, the new Donatoni bridge saw.

Which requirements did the company owners, Davide and Massimo, have in mind when they selected the new machine? First of all, they were looking for a solution to be used primarily to cut stone slabs of variable thickness (between 1 to 12 cm), to cut packages of slabs and to perform 3D-shaping. Secondly,   

their intent was to reduce machine downtimes during loading, unloading, programming and processing operations so as to optimise the operator’s work. Last but not least, considering the peculiarities of the Luserna stone, which is often processed with a natural split surface, the need for an automatic handling system capable of moving pieces with uneven and rough surfaces. 

Approximately one month after using the new machine, Davide, one of the company owners , told us about his first impressions. “The feature I appreciated the most in the new ECHO TWIN is the automatic bench exchange system, which is very easy and quick, in addition to offering the possibility to cut pieces up to 16 cm in height, a unique capability on the market. After the required fine-tuning time, which was very short indeed, we have doubled our production capacity and have optimised the work of our operator who has recognised the many advantages offered by the machine. Last but not least, some other significant aspects include the Parametrix software, which is user-friendly to programme, the large selection of work processes and functions available, and file management through a direct connection with the workstation in the office. The Move System for piece handling is also helpful to handle irregular stone like the Luserna stone and to control the work processes in a fully automatic and quick way, thus reducing the processing times. Our production times have dropped from 40 to 15 minutes per product type processed. We are happy because we can now meet very short delivery times; in the future, our plan is to increase our customer portfolio thanks to new products and processes.”