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DONATONI Z2000 - The versatile solution to realize contract projects

DONATONI Z2000 - The versatile solution to realize contract projects
DONATONI Z2000 - The versatile solution to realize contract projects

In recent years, many companies in the stone industry have  have undergone a process of development, through the inclusion of solutions aimed at increasingly satisfying the demands of their customers. Understanding how to position your company is a strategic choice that leads to results and competitiveness in the medium and long term.

E90, an Italian company with over 30 years of experience from Senigallia, over time has been able to carve out a space in the contract sector, which today makes it the ideal partner for all domestic and global companies that have to build small and large turnkey architectural projects.

For E90, carrying out complex contract projects and therefore its positioning led to the purchase of the new working and cutting center DONATONI Z2000; as stated by the general manager Pietro Fattorini, it was a logical if not  mandatory choice.

The main factors that the company took into consideration in evaluating the machine were quality over time, reliability and service, in addition to other secondary aspects.

Carrying out projects for important clients means respecting delivery dates: having a reliable machine means not having sudden machine stops and therefore offering your customer the best product on time. Obviously, to carry out contract projects you need a 5-axis machine that allows you to perform various types of simple and complex processesings.

To meet all these needs, E90 has decided to get a solution with a 2000 mm Z axis in order to be able to manage complex machining operations with variable heights and consequentely with 5 axes.

The machine is equipped with a 31 kW TOOLS electrospindle that can mount discs from 500 mm up to 1000 mm in diameter that allow cuts up to 360 mm in thickness. To better manage the works, the machine is equipped with an aluminum platform positioned flush with the floor that allows you to work with the maximum Z axis; the cutting table with wooden top, positioned above the platform, is mainly dedicated to simpler processes such as cutting and shaping.

To complete the set-up, in addition to the new sliding doors with the new safety lock, the machine is equiped by the 21 "console with touch screen, manual controls and CAD-CAM software to carry out all types of 2D and 3D works.

Thanks to E90 Srl and Pietro Fattorini for their great availability. The complete interview is available on Donatoni's Youtube channel.