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Donatoni ZENIT - Embellish the most precious surfaces

Donatoni ZENIT - Embellish the most precious surfaces
Donatoni ZENIT - Embellish the most precious surfaces

At the beginning of November 2017, Donatoni Macchine installed the new ZENIT model at the Budri Marmi headquarters in Mirandola (IT). After a few months from its implementation we try to understand what are the feelings and opinions of those who use it every day. But we start by presenting the customer, indeed we like to call him Partner, who wanted this machine within his production. Budri Marmi is a world leader in marble processing and artistic inlay, specialized in the production of complex, large-scale works, such as villas, boutiques, hotels and other prestigious works. Over the years, the company has invested in research and innovation, reaching the creation of two new sectors within the company, Budri Eyewear and Budri High Tech; this continuous commitment to research led in 2017 to the award of the ADI DESIGN INDEX AWARD and to the European SLIM HORIZON 2020 AWARD for the Budri Eyewear line.

In this regard, Gianmarco Budri states: "Our philosophy is always aimed at optimizing work processes and improving, in research of the perfect synergy between technological innovation and human talent". 
Why did you choose Donatoni as a partner? 
Gianmarco Budri: "We have chosen Donatoni again, after the positive experience with our ECHO 625 bridge cutter, because we consider it a leading company in the sector”.
And why did you choose the ZENIT? 
G.B .: "We chose Zenit CNC because we believe it is the perfect machine for our needs: programming takes place directly on the machine, quickly thanks to the camera and software. Performs the job better and faster, the tool magazine is very large and we can handle different processes with the same program”. 
What types of artefacts worked with this machine? 
G.B .: "The polishing of our inlays first of all, the polishing of marble combined with technological materials and obviously the calibration of precious and semiprecious materials or very delicate structure. Really practical for large monolithic surfaces and surfaces. Of course we also use it for all standard polishing, honing and brushing processes”. 
What advantage do you perceive having Zenit installed? 
G.B .: “Before the Zenit we used machines where the presence of the operator was necessary for the whole time of the work, with prolonged physical effort and lower efficiency. With Zenit we have in fact one more man who can work 24 hours a day; we have also been able to significantly improve the quality results of our work”.