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Granit Invest Group chooses the way of innovation and efficiency

Granit Invest Group chooses the way of innovation and efficiency

The group Granit Invest is one the largest and high-tech company in the Russian Federation for the production of granite block and granite products. Recently the company entered the federal and municipal improvement program, one of the major public housing programs in Russia; to be part of this great project of the Russian government it is essential that companies guarantee punctual deliveries and product quality.

To satisfy these conditions, the company was looking for the most high-performance, reliable and fully automated stone cutting machine, which allows to produce slabs paving of 80 -100 mm thickness.

Granit Invest has identified Donatoni Macchine's SX-5 multi-spindle cutting center as the perfect machine for their needs. SX-5 is an innovative and automatic machine with five cutting units and interpolated axes, designed and patented to satisfy those needing a compact system for large-scale production line of flooring and pannels of various types with different sizes and thickness.

The installed system is composed of a motorized table with suction cups that runs on rails, a fixed ground bench with motorized rollers for loading of the slabs to the cutting area, the SX-5 machine with cutting belt and a unloading belt.

The advantages of this machine are countless, including the highest productivity, the flexibility, the high capacity to optimize the slabs cuts and the ease of use, advantages that the company has appreciated since the beginnin. The company owner during the interview stated: " Once put into operation Donatoni machine, we have immediately increased in productivity. Our customers rely on us for timely deliveries and for the quality among the best on the market and through the new plant we can keep these promises. "

Donatoni Macchine, through its work and its products, always wants to provide the most efficient solutions suitable for the competitive context in which the customer works every day and GranitInvest is a concrete example: giving a new industrial dimension to a company that in the time has grown and has understood that the future is in technology and innovation.

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