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The new cutting center Quadrix XL 1600 in the Carrara hearth

The new cutting center Quadrix XL 1600 in the Carrara hearth

Providing highest quality products is Campolonghi Group’s prerogative and pride. Since company foundation in 1960, Campolonghi sought to combine the most modern machineries with local skills and traditions, and invested in the enhancement of materials through new production technologies, becoming today a reference in the international market for quality of stone products.

In this path of continuous growth, the approach adopted has led Campologhi to get to know Donatoni Macchine which, with its innovative technologies, today reflects the vision of the Carrara company regarding CNC cutting and processing systems.

To comply with a more and more contract-oriented and variable dimensions products obtained from the blocks customer demand, Campologhi introduced the new Quadrix XL 1600 CNC cutting center within its production facility.

The Quadrix XL 1600 is a numeric control cutting and shaping center with 5 interpolated axes with a Z axis stroke up to 1000 mm and a maximum blade of 1600 mm. Despite the large-dimensions blade, the head unit of the XL 1600 can rotato from 0 ° to + 180 ° and tilt from 0 ° to 90 ° while is still granting the typical extreme cutting precision of Donatoni machines. The powerful and performing electrospindle, allows to carry-out different types of  cuts, orthogonal, oblique, circular, elliptical, inclined, up to a maximum of 635mm in depth and shapes and excavations of blocks.

Through this powerful and flexible machine, Campolonghi wants to continue combining the most refined technology available with tradition and wisdom, vision of the territory to compete on the international market.