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JET Frame Donatoni: the solution for companies willing to grow-up.

JET Frame Donatoni: the solution for companies willing to grow-up.

We are in Piedimulera, a town near Gravellona Toce in the north of Italy and here the company Pietra Orsolana has chosen to integrate a Donatoni machine within its production department: the JET monoblock bridge saw.

The company is specialized in the realization of kitchen countertops, bathrooms, interior and exterior cladding and has been working for some time now on new ceramic materials in addition to the traditional ones.

The increasing complexity of the processes and the need for flexibility have prompted Pietra Ossolana to invest in a new machine

that could meet these needs, and in a partner as Donatoni, able to guarantee the best technical support and the promptest assistance.


The company opted for a complete JET in the set-up which, in addition to the MOVE-System for the automatic movement of workpieces, also is equipped with the TOOL+ vertical lateral spindle; this last accessory has the great advantage to work up to 14,000 rpm, allowing the correct use of incremental drills, core bits and writing tips with ½ ”GAS thread connection.

Furthermore, JET, like other models in the Donatoni catalogue, has the great advantage of being able to work simultaneously with all 3 tools installed, main disc, core bit front end mounted on the main motor and milling cutter mounted on the TOOL +, without the need to change the tool and simultaneously using the MOVE-System: the result is an enormous time saving and total automation of the work.



The JET bridge saw was thus integrated within the production department where there were already 2 Intermac machines, a PRIMUS Waterjet and a MASTER 30 CNC processing center.

The 3 machines placed side by side and integrated together represent an ideal combination for all those workshop willing to structure and specialize in the production of kitchen countertops, bathrooms, coverings and building products.

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