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"la Pierre Autrement" multifunction cutting and shaping center DONATONI Z1300 Q

"la Pierre Autrement" multifunction cutting and shaping center DONATONI Z1300 Q

Pierre Gaurier, owner of the company La Pierre Autrement, is an eclectic person always looking for innovative solutions that he can use in his work, while keeping his roots as a marble artist. In his work he was able to combine at best what CNC technology could offer with his great ability to work marble to create sculptures and artistic works.

This great experience led him in 2020 to open his own business, La Pierre Autrement, and subsequently to acquire the Marbre Decors company, thus obtaining a large laboratory, a team of professionals of 9 people and an international customers

The company addresses the design markets, manufacturing components in marble, stone and ceramic, for kitchens, bathrooms and interior furnishings, as well as the restoration of historical monuments, and now is expanding its offer by turning to construction companies for supplying of shaped elements and tailor-made coverings.

In order to be as reactive and flexible as possible to customer and market requests, the company recently introduced the new DONATONI Z1300 Q multifunction cutting and shaping center, a high performance solution with 1300 mm Z axis allowing to satisfy all needs of the company, ensuring very high productivity.

The new DONATONI Z1300 Q is equipped with sliding guides in oil bath, a powerful 40kW motor with ISO 50 tool connection allowing to carry out roughing, cutting and finishing for works and statues, tool storage, 825 mm blade change and bench with rubber surface for cutting operations to create kitchen tops, washbasins and claddings. Furthermore, the machine is equipped with DONATONI PARAMETRIX software. In this regard, Pierre told us: "The Parametrix software was a great surprise for its easy use and because now operators can use the machine for many of the processes we previously did with CAD-CAM, a software requiring greater experience, and which today is used for the most complex jobs.

Over the last few years Donatoni has been able to look ahead by developing cutting-edge and performing solutions; Pierre Gaurier has done the same, quickly creating a company able to meet the needs of a dynamic and sometimes crazy market, with a clear vision and great entrepreneurial ability based on in-depth knowledge of the stone field and Donatoni technology.