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The future of stone technology DONATONI CYBERSTONE CR03

The future of stone technology DONATONI CYBERSTONE CR03
The future of stone technology DONATONI CYBERSTONE CR03

The use of robot is nowadays quite common in many fields, the stone field is one of them. Although robots have been present in our industry for several years, not many companies invested in this kind of technology. It is important to underline that robots potential is enormous, as extremely versatile, it can be easily featured without big problems.

One of the companies willing to invest in this cutting-edge technology is Nikolaus Bagnara Spa: they have made the continuous research as a manifesto and a method allowing to test with techniques, materials and finishing processes always innovative and in line with actual trends.

With the commissioning of the new CYBERSTONE CR03 by Donatoni Macchine, Bagnara wanted to integrate this machine into its production, which is already equipped with various Donatoni technologies, to create design products of the highest content and to satisfy the most demanding customers.

CYBERSTONE CR03 is the model with a 240 kg spindle capacity and an action radius of 2900 mm; ideal to perform various types of work, from simple cutting to shaping, up to complex statues and columns.

The robot frame, built by Kuka, official Donatoni’s partner, is integrated with a series of solutions designed and built by Donatoni:  the head unit, consisting of a liquid-cooled electro-spindle Kw 15 / S6 with speed regulation controlled by inverter from 0 to 10,000 rpm, allowing the use of diamond tools such as blades, grinding wheels, cutters and diamond tips for engravings and bas-reliefs; the cone connection is of the ISO 40 type with a pneumatic system for automatic tool change. In addition to this solution, this robot can be equipped with a series of solutions and accessories which can be customized according to the needs of each customer.

However, the solution making Cyberstone as the sole, no matter if it is model CR01, CR02 or CR03, is given by the PC interface of the machine. Donatoni, by knowing of the difficulties normally encountered on CNC robots for 3D processing, wanted to invest time and resources to create software for simple programming, as similar as possible to programming mode used in a traditional processing cutting center such as DONATONI Z. The Donatoni Cyberface interface perfectly integrates Kuka's NC and CAD-CAD software and the Eureka simulation program, improving the quality of the finishing processing and minimizing programming errors.

The Nikolaus Bagnara company has recognized CYBERSTONE CR03 as the innovative tool through which to improve its production, because without innovation it is not possible to progress and reach new goals.