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A Success Story

Originally founded in 1959 as the “Officina Donatoni”, a company specialised in the servicing of stone processing equipment and machinery, Donatoni Macchine now has well over 50 years’ experience in this industry, becoming a leader and benchmark in the manufacture of cutting-edge technologies for the processing of marble and natural stone.

Given the proximity of customers in Verona’s marble district and attention paid to the day-to-day issues addressed by companies in the industry on a daily basis, in 2008 Giorgio Donatoni was encouraged to focus his business on the production of machines and technologies for the processing of marble and the development of innovative solutions in line with customers’ needs.

Its products, the reliability and expertise of its staff, the close relationship built with its customers and its specialist servicing have made Donatoni a recognised brand, synonymous with quality, service and innovation; and the 1000 or more machines installed throughout the world are the result of a relentless commitment over the years which still continues today with the latest generation.

A solid company based on people
“Innovation is a different way of taking care of people, supporting talent and creating opportunities.” Leonardo Del Vecchio

The people at Donatoni are the capital on which to invest; they are the ones who develop and enhance company know-how on a daily basis with passion and determination. We place great importance on their training and support their ideas, encouraging a business culture based on mutual cooperation and an enhanced sense of responsibility in all they do in their work.

Thanks to these highly-specialised resources, Donatoni Macchine continues to be recognised as a leader in the manufacture of technologies for the processing of marble and natural stone.

A solid company based on people

We do not simply manufacture machines. What we offer our customers, whatever their size, is our total attention and expertise at every stage in the life cycle of the machine.

All our departments are engaged every day in the creation of solutions and services to meet our customers’ needs, because close, customer support is a constant commitment we take very seriously to ensure that their work turns out to be the finest work.

Innovation, our DNA

Being innovative means meeting the needs of the customer through new solutions and services.

Donatoni Macchine pursues this objective through ongoing improvements, constant research and the use of new technologies until we achieve solutions and patents that are now an integral part of our range of products.

Innovation derives from simple ideas that develop into tangible realities in our products and projects, creating new standards in the processing of marble and natural stone.

Timeless quality

Quality, precision, performance and reliability are conceived within the project, through the technical expertise of qualified personnel and are achieved through the choice of selected suppliers which produce top-quality products like we do that are tested and certified to achieve a single, final objective: constant quality over time.