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It allows you to measure the surface of slabs placed on the workbench using a camera located on top of the machine and the acquisition software integrated with Parametrix. In this way, it allows you to optimise the use of slabs and to speed up the positioning of pieces, avoiding any defects, or allowing you to perform cuts following the veining of the material.


Suction pad system for lifting and automatic positioning of cut pieces. Through the Parametrix interface, you can program the machine and carry out various movements, reducing the processing times with minimum waste. It is equipped with 2 aluminium plates with various-sized sections to pick up small- and large-sized pieces of up to a maximum of 600 kg. This system allows you to work automatically with a disc tool at the same time, performing movements without having to stop the machine.


SCAN-CNC is a measuring system consisting of a laser pointer mounted at the head of the machine and a software integrated with Parametrix that allows you to measure bi-dimensional shapes with a linear or curved form and create the drawing in real time (DXF file) on the monitor on board the machine; subsequently the DXF file can be used to reproduce the same form and work process.