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SX-3 is an innovative numerical control multi-spindle cutting centre with three cutting units with interpolated axes, designed and patented by Donatoni Macchine to satisfy those needing a compact system for large-scale production line of marble, granite and agglomerate flooring and wall coverings of various types with different sizes and thickness.

Donatoni Macchine were the first to introduce a multi-spindle machine with patented rotating bridge to the market and, rich in the experience they have built up over the years, they can guarantee their customers a very high level of productivity and at the same time complete optimisation of the slabs.

Machine's specifics
Technical features
Technical schedule
Max number of interpolated axes 7
Vertical stroke Z axis mm 200
Maximum cutting depth mm 90 / 65
Cutting belt size mm 2400 x 7620
CN controlled axes number 11
Unloading belt size mm 2400 x 4000
Head bridge rotation gradi -182° / +182°
Min/max diameter size (vertical blade) mm 400 / 350
Blade motor power kW 17 / S6
Maximum sucker lift kg 600
Approx. total weight of the machine kg 19500
Technological brain
The smart management

Each Donatoni machine comes with cutting edge technology brain. Functions, dimensions, and performances can change, but the basic assumption is an intelligent system of work management. Simple to use, outstanding results.

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