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DONATONI CR01/CR02 are new-generation numerically controlled production robotic systems with 6/7/8 interpolated axes, designed to be highly flexible tools to manufacture elements and items of any size and material having a height up to 3300 mm. They are particularly suitable for sculptures, rectilinear, concave, convex, arched, elliptic shapes, single or incremental pass and excavations of two-dimensional and three-dimensional section blocks; it is also suitable for the execution of oblique, circular, elliptical and inclined cuts, up to a thickness of 260 mm. Thanks to the rotating platform, it is possible to work the piece at 360° without having to move or reposition it for subsequent processing. 

Its mobile arm with 6 interpolated axes allows making 180 ° undercuts and having a very large working range; the ISO 40/ISO connection allows the use of diamond tools of different types, such as drills, grinding wheels, wheels for rebates, finger bits, shaping tips and cutting discs with a diameter of 825 mm. 

The DONATONI CR range meets the most demanding requirements, maximizes productivity, and, thanks to the many accessories available, can be set up as a machining center for mass production. 

Main features
  • Extremely powerful
  • Ideal for shaping and sculpting
  • Simple and easy to program
  • Freely combinable modular system
  • Wide range of work processes
  • Dedicated and optimised software interface
  • Reduced space required
Production gallery
Technical schedule
CR1 (18 kW) CR1 (24 kW) CR2 (40 kW)
Max number of interpolated axes 6/7/8 6/7/8 6/7/8
Maximum cutting depth mm 205 276  276
Capacity at wrist kg 240 240 420
Max. Range of action mm 2900 2900 3326
Protection rating IP 65 IP 65 IP 65
Nominal power rating kW 18 / S6 24 /S6 40 / S6
Type of tool-holder ISO 40 ISO 50 ISO 50
Installed power kW 28 34 49
Minimum blade diameter mm 350  350 350
Maximum disc diameter mm 625 825 825
Approx. total weight of the machine kg 1120 1120 2686
Types of processing
Longitudinal cuts
Transverse cuts
Oblique cuts
Inclined cuts 0°-90°
Blind and through holes
Orthogonal cuts
Circular cuts
Excavation of blocks


Linear interpolated motion system allowing the robot to move linearly by 2500 mm, thus enlarging the work area and ensuring a better working position to the machine. It is made of metal sheets and fitted with recirculating ball linear guides and precision racks for handling, all of which have bellows.
20 KW/S6 electrospindle with liquid cooling system with RPM adjustment from 0 to 6000 rpm using the inverter, ISO 50 tool connection, automatic tool change and tool cooling system through internal water passage.
DONATONI CR01/02 is equipped with an 8.4" anti-reflection touch screen smart pad allowing to move outside and inside the work area. It is a simple and intuitive device to check all the processes and to manually control the robot. It is equipped with a key and a start button to prevent it from being switched on accidentally, thus ensuring maximum safety for the operator. A 6D mouse is present on the machine side, to manage the machine and its settings. The operator can see the most frequently consulted information and check the production status in real time.
Tool thickness measurement system, essential for precise work processes.
Revolving table with 4 worktops for mass production of small or medium-sized pieces. The main table rotates to position one of the plates in the preset work area. Once in position, the plate is interpolated to the CNC of the DONATONI CR01/02 in order to manage the processing as a normal turntable, while the remaining plates remain still to allow the performance of the loading and unloading operations.
Rotating platform, made of steel, fitted with an interpolated brushless motor and an aluminium support surface having a diameter of 1400 mm
Fixed base made of galvanized steel, that has been sandblasted and painted with three coats.
with 10 or 15 positions, ISO 40 or ISO 50, with extensions of max. 600 mm (not included), complete with pneumatic-lifting stainless steel cover.
WITH 1 or 2 POSITIONS: available for blade with a maximum diameter of 825 mm and ISO 50 cone connection, with pre-arrangement for ground fastening.
Tilting bench with wooden support surface, that can be tilted using the lifting system
PLATFORM made of steel, 4000x2000 mm, with aluminium worktop, fastened to the ground and prearranged for the use of bench tops.


The CAD-CAM software allows you to design, import and execute 2D and 3D files in DXF, IGES, STL, PNT, STEP and RHINO formats and to define surfaces and shapes using laser scanning.
The CYBERFACE interface has been totally designed and developed by Donatoni with the support of KUKA for the needs of the DONATONI CR01/02 in order to make programming operations as simple and fast as possible.
It allows the robot movements to be elaborated and the work process course to be simulated in all its stages, highlighting any collisions and particular points and also generates the ISO work process file which will subsequently be imported onto the interface and KUKA.CNC.
KUKA.CNC is a CNC management software perfectly integrated with the DONATONI CR01/02 allowing to execute NC programs compiled offline with a CAD-CAM system without having to convert them into KRL (Kuka Robot Language) programs thanks to the integration with the CYBERFACE - DONATONI INTERFACE.