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DONATONI K2 Q / K3 Q is a 5/6 axis interpolated milling/work center machine with automatic tool change. It is available in the version with a Z axis stroke of 600 mm or with a Z axis stroke of 800 mm. 

It is one of a kind machine as it combines the typical features of a milling cutter and those of a work center/contouring machine. The Parametrix software and the wooden overbench, allow to perform cutting operations as a traditional milling cutter; the DONATONI K2 Q / K3 Q range, compared to the traditional working centers, is the sole solution offering specific software for simple and intuitive cutting. Without the overbench, the machine can be set up as a work center to process the piece directly on the aluminum bench or as a contouring machine, fixing the piece to the bench with the suctions cups kit supplied with the machine. 

The machine allows to produce items with extremely precise finishing, thanks to the sliding system of X and Y axes on linear guides and racks both in oil bath lubrication. The motion is given by brushless motors coupled to high precision gearboxes. It is equipped with a series of electro-spindles controlled by inverter and it can be fitted with ISO 40 type connection diamond tools, such as end mill, milling wheel and a horizontal blade. 

DONATONI K2 Q / K3 Q is featured as a millling cutter and a work / contouring center, it is particularly suitable for all laboratories that want to increase their technological level in limited spaces. 

Main features
  • CNC Technology: precision and productivity
  • Simple and easy to program
  • Flexible production
  • Wide range of accessories and configurations
  • Wide range of work processes
  • Reduced space required
  • 2 in 1 calibrating and polishing in a single machine
Production gallery
Technical schedule
Max number of interpolated axes 5 / 6 5 / 6
Vertical stroke Z axis mm 600 800
Blade-carrying head rotation (C axis) gradi -5° / +545° -5° / +545°
Blade-carrying head tilting (A axis) gradi 0° / 90° 0° / 90°
Working table dimensions mm 2000 x 3500 (2400 x 3800 con Move-System) 2000 x 3500 (2400 x 3800 con Move-System)
Maximum cutting depth mm 200 (250 optional) 250 (300 optional)
Minimum blade diameter mm 350 350
Maximum disc diameter mm 625 (725 optional) 725 (825 optional)
Approx. total weight of the machine kg 5500 5700
Types of processing
Longitudinal cuts
Transverse cuts
Oblique cuts
Inclined cuts 0°-90°
Orthogonal cuts
Circular cuts
Elliptical cuts
Excavation of blocks


22 kW/S6 electrospindles with liquid cooling system with RPM adjustment, ISO 40 tool connection, automatic tool change, rotating blade head (rotation range: from -5 ° to + 545°; inclination range: from 0° to 90°), mounted on a steel carriage.
Ball recirculating sliding crosspieces and helical toothed racks for sliding the Y axis, with oil bath lubrication and protected by bellows with labyrinth closure.
Linear tool storage at 20 positions for ISO 40 cones with max. length 600 mm, complete with pneumatic- lifting stainless steel cover.
Suction Cups Kit system for fixing the pieces by means of suction cups and vacuum pump (to be combined with fixed or tilting aluminum bench).
Suctions cups for lifting and positioning the cut pieces in order to exploit the slabs as much as possible.
Workbench available in different models, sizes and surfaces, based on the selected accessories and customer needs.
System to automatically detect the thickness of the slab.
Tool thickness measurement system, essential for precise work processes.
Lathe for the execution of columns, capitals and elements with circular cross-section or complex shapes


Parametrix is the simple and intuitive Software developed by Donatoni Macchine and designed to optimise the management of cuts of variously-shaped pieces on a slab. It enables work processes involving cuts with discs, milling cutters and drills, the insertion of straight and curved forms and shapes that have been pre-set or imported from DXF files, and the optimisation of processing times and slab surfaces.

Discover Parametrix

It allows you to measure the surface of slabs placed on the workbench using a camera located on top of the machine and the acquisition software integrated with Parametrix.
SCAN-CNC is a measuring system consisting of a laser pointer mounted at the head of the machine and a software integrated with Parametrix that allows you to measure bi-dimensional shapes with a linear or curved form and create the drawing in real time (DXF file) on the monitor.
The CAD-CAM software allows you to design, import and execute 2D and 3D files in DXF, IGES, STL, PNT, STEP and RHINO formats and to define surfaces and shapes using laser scanning.