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DONATONI TWIN S2, S3 Q E S4 Q are 5/6 interpolated axes numeric control bridge saws equipped with the TWIN System, the Donatoni Macchine’s patented system to fully optmise a bridge saw performance, by increasing the production capacity up to the 70%. The Twin System consists of a double bench with automatic system of benches exchange, it lays on a rails-monoblock frame, on which the two beches are alternatively moving between cutting and unloading areas. The operator can carryout unlading and programming operating on the 1st bench while the machine is working on the 2nd bench.
TWIN system advantages:

  • Increase of production capacity
  • Only 1 operator needed
  • 2 saws in 1: possibility to use the machine as a traditional bridge saw and to perform shaping operations of workpieces.
Main features
  • High productivity
  • Only one operator needed
  • No foundations required
  • Reduced space required
  • CNC Technology: precision and productivity
  • Cut optimisation
  • Simple and easy to program
Technical schedule
Max number of interpolated axes 5 5/6 5/6
Vertical stroke Z axis mm 550 600 800
Blade-carrying head rotation (C axis) gradi -5°/+365° -5°/+365° -5°/+365°
Blade-carrying head tilting (A axis) gradi 0°/90° 0°/90° 0°/90°
Maximum cutting depth mm 150 (Blade diameter 525 MM) 250 (Blade diameter 725 MM) 300 (Blade diameter 825 MM)
Minimum blade diameter mm 350 350 350
Maximum disc diameter mm 625 725 825
Benches exchange time sec 20 35 35
Types of processing
Longitudinal cuts
Inclined cuts 0°-90°
Elliptical cuts
Transverse cuts
Orthogonal cuts
Excavation of blocks
Oblique cuts


High quality electro-spindles controlled by an inverter allowing the adjustment of the nr. of revolutions from 0 to 5500/7500 rpm, so granting the use of blade and diamond tools such as a core drill or milling cutter. The tool change is of manual or automatic type.
Suctions cups for lifting and positioning the cut pieces in order to exploit the slabs as much as possible.
Vertical lateral electrospindle, allows the operator the use of small diameter diamond tools with ½ "gas connection for incremental cutting / blind or through hole drilling and the performance of combined operations with blade and milling cutter.
Cutting system for inserting reinforcement bars in the lower part of the kitchen tops.
Measurement system of blade diameter.
Tool thickness measurement system, essential for precise work processes.
System to automatically detect the thickness of the slab.
System to detect slab, with camera positioned above the machine and image acquisition software. The application enables the slab dimensions to be exploited in the best way possible and allows the cutting to be carried out avoiding any defects or any veins in the material.
The Twin System consists of a double bench with automatic bench exchange system resting on a monoblock frame with rails, on which the two benches alternatively slide between the cutting and loading/unloading areas. The operator can carry out unloading, loading and programming operations on the 1st bench while the machine is already working on the 2nd bench.


Parametrix is the simple and intuitive Software developed by Donatoni Macchine and designed to optimise the management of cuts of variously-shaped pieces on a slab. It enables work processes involving cuts with discs, milling cutters and drills, the insertion of straight and curved forms and shapes that have been pre-set or imported from DXF files, and the optimisation of processing times and slab surfaces.

Discover Parametrix

It allows you to measure the surface of slabs placed on the workbench using a camera located on top of the machine and the acquisition software integrated with Parametrix.
ISOSAG is the software that allows you to create files for executing shaping that is straight-lined or with a concave or convex arc using either a vertical or horizontal disc
SCAN-CNC is a measuring system consisting of a laser pointer mounted at the head of the machine and a software integrated with Parametrix that allows you to measure bi-dimensional shapes with a linear or curved form and create the drawing in real time (DXF file) on the monitor.
The CAD-CAM software allows you to design, import and execute 2D and 3D files in DXF, IGES, STL, PNT, STEP and RHINO formats and to define surfaces and shapes using laser scanning.