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DONATONI ZENIT is the a 3 interpolated axes polishing / calibrating machine with automatic tools change, for the treatment of marble, granite and agglomerate surfaces. It allows to calibrate, polish, smooth, brush and also drill, to perform engravings, straight and curvilinear cuts with incremental passes by means of diamond milling tools.

It is an extremely flexible machine, ideal for those who need a complete equipment to treat even particularly delicate surfaces or to finish mosaics or inlays.

Its strength lies in the dual-control system of pneumatic and mechanical handling of the polishing and calibrating tool; the result is an extreme precision with excellent performances on any material.

Main features
  • 2 in 1 calibrating and polishing in a single machine
  • CNC Technology: precision and productivity
  • Automatic system for irregular edges
  • Simple and easy to program
  • Automatic tool change - 9 stations
Production gallery
Technical schedule
Max number of interpolated axes 3
Vertical stroke Z axis mm 370
Working table dimensions mm 2000 x 3550
Tool rotation with inverter rpm 0 / 7500
Blade motor power kW 17.6 / S6
Approx. total weight of the machine kg 5000
Cone attach ISO 40
Types of processing
Straight and curved cuts


Fitted with a 17.6 kW ISO 40 electrospindle with automatic tool changer, mounted on a normalized, sandblasted and three-coat painted steel carriage.
Monoblock frame composed of supporting walls and supporting beams of the tilting bench, in hot-galvanized steel.
Equipped with 10 ISO 40 cone holders, 9 plates with a diameter of 300 mm with 3 positions for frankfurt abrasives and 1 cone for calibrating/brushing/drilling tool.
System to detect the slab perimeter using a laser pointer that reproduces the work area on the machine, thus speeding up the programming procedures.
Bench with manual locking system available in different types (fixed or tilting, made of aluminum or plastic).
System to automatically detect the thickness of the slab.
Tool thickness measurement system, essential for precise work processes.
Suction Cups Kit system for fixing the pieces by means of suction cups and vacuum pump (to be combined with fixed or tilting aluminum bench).
System to detect slab, with camera positioned above the machine and image acquisition software. The application enables the slab dimensions to be exploited in the best way possible and allows the cutting to be carried out avoiding any defects or any veins in the material.


It allows you to measure the surface of slabs placed on the workbench using a camera located on top of the machine and the acquisition software integrated with Parametrix.
The CAD-CAM software allows you to design, import and execute 2D and 3D files in DXF, IGES, STL, PNT, STEP and RHINO formats and to define surfaces and shapes using laser scanning.
ZENITLUX is the software specifically for the Zenit, single head polishing machine, created by Donatoni that allows you to polish, calibrate, smooth and brush marble, granite and other natural stone slabs.