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GEKO is an automatic loader/unloader perfect for the automation of marble and granite processing lines. GEKO loads the slabs directly from the storage and places it on the motorized roller conveyor that feeds the processing line, allowing the “Book Match” processing. GEKO is operated by a CNC system and the motion is generated by brushless motors; the suction cups panel is able to perform rotations over 180 degrees.

GEKO is equipped with a motorized roller conveyor. This machine adopt some particular mechanical solutions, like linear roller guides and 49 anodized aluminum suction cups divided in 5 groups, and its functioning can be programmed with the integrated touch screen through a simple interface. All these features place GEKO amongst the best automatic slab loaders, for speed, precision and safety, also suitable for moving particularly fractured slabs. Optional, a rotating slab holder platform to allow slab load/unload even when the machine is working.

Main features
  • High productivity
  • High quality of materials used
  • Flexible production
  • Reduced space required
  • Automated cutting line
  • No foundations required
  • Simple transport and assembly
Production gallery
Technical schedule
Electrical capacitance tot. kW 9,7
Maximum capacity kg 1500
Vacuum pump capacity m^3/h 100
Single suction cup maximum capacity kg 90
Suction cups number N. 49
Maximum slab size mm x mm 3500 x 2100
Approx. total weight of the machine kg 2300
Automatic slab loader
Rotating slab-loading platform
Motorised roller conveyor