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KSD 1 is a multifunction machine ideal to automate the process for the performance of pre-set systems for fixing of slabs, claddings and panels in marble, stone and ceramic for interior and exterior applications.

The 2 independent bridges system, each one equipped with 1 ISO 40 electro-spindle, allows to carry-out processing operation in parallel way so reducing production times. CNC technology and software grant sequential programming of different types of processing, so avoiding handling or manual works or processing by the use of machines.

The great flexibility is guaranteed by the conveyor belts: it widen and shrink automatically according on the width of the piece to be processed.
Maximum slab thickness 100 mm, minimum slab dimensions 210x210 mm and maximum slab dimensions 1500x2000 mm (width x length).

Slab processing can be carried-out in different ways:

  • Laterally to the slab: to perform holes, milling and built-in processes;
  • Above to the slab: to perform holes, reliefs, millings, rims.
Main features
  • Automation of the production process
  • High productivity
  • Reduction of processing costs
  • Simple and easy to program
  • Only one operator needed
  • Flexible production
Technical schedule
Max number of interpolated axes 4 + 4 + 1 (opt.)
Vertical stroke Z axis mm 700
Blade-carrying head rotation (C axis) gradi 0-90°
Maximum cutting depth mm 120
Spindle power kW 11/S6
Carriage stroke X axis mm 2200
Bridge stroke Y axis mm 2600
Minimum blade diameter mm 300
Maximum disc diameter mm 300
Belt conveyor width mm 40
Approx. total weight of the machine kg 6000
Spessore max. pezzo mm 100
Dimensioni minime pezzo mm 210 x 210
Dimensioni massime pezzo mm 1500 (larghezza) x 2000 (lunghezza)
Cone attach ISO MAX 1520 – MIN. 300
Standard voltage V/Hz 400 (± 10%) /50
Types of processing
Drilling with milling tool
Stubbing Kerf
45° Angle
Linear stubbing with milling tool
Drilling with flaring


2 belts monoblock conveyor, automatically adjustable in width according to the dimensions of the piece to be processed. The open-close motion takes place through 2 guides where the belts are sliding. The belt is fitted with guiding rollers for proper alignment of the stone piece to the belts. Each belt is equipped with lateral band (such as backguard) allowing to keep the piece steady. The motion in width is given by 1 three-phase motor and the pieces are conveyed on a belt through a brushless motor.
2 bridges each one equipped with n.1 ISO 40 11kW / S6 electro-spindles, controlled by inverter. C-axis electro-spindles rotation 0°-90°.
The tool holders are places on opposite sides one to the other along the sides of the access doors. Each one is equipped with 6 tool positions and 2 blade positions (up to max. blade diameter 300 mm) and a tool presetting.
The machine is made with 2 accesses, front and rear, for tools replacement in safety conditions and easy access for check-up and maintenance.
3 tool presetting systems placed on tool storage to detect tools and blades dimensions.
Standard control panel placed on the right side of the machine. The control panel allows the program and the use of the drilling machine in automatic or manual mode.
It is possible to upgrade the machine with a vertical lathe, made of a locking suction cup and precision interpolated rotation system, allowing to rotate the piece for the preparation of the 4 sides and to perform lathe processing on small-dimensions stone pieces.


KSD 1 is equipped with a specific software developed by Donatoni Macchine allowing wide range of processing to pre-set and to fix cladding and panels for external and internal applications.