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Software Parametrix

Parametrix is the simple and user-friendly software developed by Donatoni Macchine and conceived to optimise the management of cutting different shaped pieces from slabs. It is a programme which allows you to manage cutting processes with disks, it enables input of rectilinear shapes as well as curvilinear shapes (steps, kitchen work-tops, rectangles, covers) using pre-defined shapes in the programme or imported from DXF files. Depending on the surface available it is possible to automatically set the position of the pieces and the sequence of cuts, optimising the times and reducing material waste.

Included in the software are functions for anti-collision of pieces, manual and automatic piece nesting, book matching, managing statistics, production and orders, rendering pieces and holes. Parametrix can be combined with Photoslab and Move-System, which allow automatic detection of the slab and movement, via a suction cups system, of the cut pieces reducing operator intervention to a minimum.

Simple to program
Intuitive interface
in Donatoni
Reduced programming times
Ideal for beginners
Basic functions: creation of pieces

Parametrix allows you to create pieces of different shapes and sizes by using various functions:

  1. Rectangles pre-set on the system.
  2. Macro pieces by inserting the measurements in the proposed figures (kitchen tops, stair winders, curved shapes).
  3. Import of closed polylines from DXF with automatic piece recognition (it automatically defines the correct side for cutting).
  4. Import of “Excel” files (.csv) containing a comprehensive list of pieces.


Automatically inserts squared or rectangular pieces in the working area optimizing the exploitation of the slab and automatically avoiding highlighted defects.

Drilling and processing with milling cutter

It allows you to manage the use of tools, drills and milling cutters, with which it is possible to cut pieces or parts of the slab, to complete the initial processing with blade, such as "L-shaped" internal corners, or to make reductions for recesses. The change from disk to core during processing is automatically managed by the program. (only for machines version tools, top, mtc, atc, and with tool+ accessory).

Positioning of the pieces on the slab

With the manual nesting program it is possible to preview any collisions between parts so making easier the piece best positioning. The "magnet" function helps the operator to align the pieces one next to the other in order to reduce the number of cuts.

Managing and changing of cuts

After positioning the pieces, cuts can be modified: it is possible lengthen it, to change order of cuts, to disable it, to add pauses; other types of modification before pressing the start button to process the cuts can be made.

Book matching (optional)

Starting from a project in DXF format, it allows to have a 2D image of the parts to be cut and therefore to appreciate before the cut the aesthetic result obtained by the combination of the pieces, evaluating overall and in full the "bookmatching" type processing.

Save/open and integration with external software

There are different options which allow you to efficiently manage the work flow: automatic save, save as, export and other commands allow you to save the planned work in terms of a list of pieces and their positioning in the work area, so that they can be retrieved in subsequent phases. Using these commands you can work from different work stations and prepare in advance what subsequently needs to be processed on the machine.

The integration with various tools and software allows you to skip steps and operations reducing planning time and error risks.

Move-system management

The handling of the pieces is optimised through close integration with the Move-System. The software together with the mechanical system automatically completes the operations which would otherwise require the intervention of an operator and resumed processing of the pieces, thus reducing processing times and risks for operators.

Layer management

The advanced integration with various systems and software is achieved through the management of particular processes on the pieces which takes place thanks to the use of “Layers”. All CADs manage various layers that are used to indicate processes and cutting properties directly on the drawing. The available processes include: inclined cuts, milling, recessed cuts, holes, weather mouldings, under cuts and much more.

Anagement of production statistics

All the processes performed on the machine are saved in order to be analysed subsequently to evaluate costs etc. Data can be displayed via a few simple screen pages on the machine and can be exported or saved to perform an in-depth analysis with other management and IT tools.