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Our highly-qualified team offers a wide range of services, including installation and commissioning, operator training, CAD-CAM consultancy, 3D scanning of objects or parts of buildings and other services and technical advice in order to assist customers with complex work processes and in the growth of their companies.

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Our machines are installed by specialised technical staff with sound experience and thanks to them we can ensure a high standard of service. Installation includes precise installation services, machine commissioning and operator training.


Our technicians can provide you with support in the creation of complex 2D and 3D objects using CAD and PARAMETRIX, and guide you remotely in the creation of these items on the machine. The service allows companies to manage complex and demanding jobs and to have the necessary technical support for the creation and optimisation of any task.


Replicating an object, a statue or a construction element of a building is often a complex operation that requires specific tools and specific training. Donatoni can provide the right solution for the needs of each customer through a comprehensive, turnkey 3D scanning service.


Improvements in production processes are achieved through the management and correct use of machines. Donatoni helps customers to analyse internal work flows, the procedures for using the machines, and to understand how to improve and optimise its tools in order to achieve the desired objectives.

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Donatoni Macchine has developed the Academy project with the aim of supporting the Marble District through technical and practical training courses aimed specifically at operators in the natural stone industry who wish to enhance or broaden their skills. The Donatoni Academy offers various types of courses such as, for example, courses on 2D, 3D Modelling, 3D Printing, CAD-CAM and others.

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