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After sale assistance

Donatoni Service is at your complete disposal for any requests you may have. Though our team of qualified technical staff, we can offer on-line or on-site after sales assistance, components and spare parts for your machines and software and hardware assistance.

Our omni-channel structure is integrated with the various digital and direct channels to provide you with the support you require.

Asking for assistance

Our technicians will manage any requirements regarding your machines and the supply of components and spare parts. If all the lines are busy, our automatic Contact centre will take your details.

Our Automatic Contact Centre takes requests at any time, 24/7. We would ask customers resident in countries with a different time zone to that of Italy to make use of this service; we can ensure maximum priority via dedicated telephone appointments at relevant times.


Via Teleassistance, our experts can identify the causes of any machine blocks or failures by carrying out the necessary checks simply via virtual access to your machine through the data network.


  • Prompt identification of machine failures
  • Real time resolution of software issues
  • Reduction in machine downtime
  • Modest costs

Any mechanical failures may be resolved by sending spares and if an issue cannot be resolved remotely then one of our technicians will provide on-site assistance.

(To ensure on-line assistance and its advantages, we would remind customers that they will need to provide a data network with cable connection).


We provide technical assistance in your company, directly through one of our technicians, if telephone or on-line assistance or the supply of spare parts has not been able to resolve an issue.

The service depends on the availability of our technicians and the location where assistance is required.


The Donatoni assistance service can provide you with prompt support in your request for components and spare parts in any part of the world.

We advise customers to carry out routine maintenance in order to maintain continuing machine performance and increase its useful life. It is important to check the overall condition of the machine and, in particular, of the components subject to wear and tear and, if necessary, to replace them before any machine block occurs.

In order to deal with any sudden stops to the machine, Donatoni offers a First Maintenance Kit consisting mainly of components subject to wear and tear that can be easily replaced personally by the operator, reducing your machine downtime to a minimum.


The Donatoni Service team offers full assistance with all software issues for programs installed on the machines and for any CAD-CAM software supplied. Via the Teleassistance connection, we can check out any issues remotely ranging from a simple software block to a bug in the system and provide relevant real-time solutions. If new applications and features are implemented, we provide system updates and relevant training by telephone (upon request).

From Monday to Friday 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

E-mail: service@donatonimacchine.eu - Tel. +39 - 045 6862899

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