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Every Donatoni machine is created with a smart system for managing work, integrated with all the parts that manage its movements; we call this system D-Inside, the Brain of the machine.

D-Inside is an advanced interface but simple from the point of view of use and also ideal for less expert operators as it manages the machine-software system.

The D-Inside system offers various programming options and can be interfaced with various types of Donatoni software, such as Parametrix and all the additional modules, CAD-CAM and other software so as to customise the machine according to the customer's needs.


ISOSAG is the software that allows you to create files for executing shaping that is straight-lined or with a concave or convex arc using either a vertical or horizontal disc. Shaping can be performed either in rough machining mode, finishing mode or combined mode.


The CAD-CAM software allows you to design, import and execute 2D and 3D files in DXF, IGES, STL, PNT, STEP and RHINO formats and to define surfaces and shapes using laser scanning. Multiple work processes can be set: rough machining, drilling, profiling, emptying and polishing that can be performed by optimising the execution process.

After importation, the software optimises the work processes, simulates the process in 3D through the virtual milling machine, carrying out rough machining and finishing and evaluating the unfinished item after the work process.

Once the design phase is over, CAD-CAM generates the piece programs and sends them directly to the work centre, calculating the times and costs of the work process and producing an accurate report on the work performed.


Luxtra is the software specifically for the Zenit, single head polishing machine, created by Donatoni that allows you to polish, calibrate, smooth and brush marble, granite and other natural stone slabs. Assisted by Photoslab, it allows the regular and irregular edges of the slab to be followed perfectly, based on the type of processing you wish to use. The software manages the Dual-control system used by the machine for polishing and calibrating work processes.

CDI (Cyberstone Optimized Donatoni Interface)

The CDI was planned and designed entirely for the needs of Cyberstone by Donatoni with the support of KUKA so as to make programming operations as quick and simple as possible.

The interface connects and integrates CAD-CAM and Eureka automatically with the KUKA.CNC and the tool database of the various forms of software, reducing programming times even further; it also facilitates access to the services and functions provided by the smartPAD. CDI allows anyone who has already acquired experience on traditional work centres to learn the machine’s functions in no time at all.

EUREKA - Cyberstone

Eureka is the post-processor simulator that is essential for the correct operation of Cyberstone. It allows the robot movements to be elaborated and the work process course to be simulated in all its stages, highlighting any collisions and particular points and also generates the ISO work process file which will subsequently be imported onto the interface and KUKA.CNC.

Eureka allows the versatility of an industrial robot to be combined with the consolidated technology of CNC work centres for the milling of models and artistic items.