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D-inside cervello tecnologico

Each Donatoni machine comes with cutting edge technology brain.
Functions, dimensions, and performances can change, but the basic assumption is an intelligent system of work management.
Simple to use, outstanding results.


Continuous research is the basis of DONATONI's commercial success. Further implementation of the machines' technological development remains a priority for the company, that is always focused on innovation.


Machine control console
Machine control console
  • Operator interface with PC and 15” color touch-screen monitor, Windows XP operating system
  • USB port for file transfer
  • Controls for manual handling of all axes
Consolle comando macchina e software base
Software ISOSAG

MiniCAD software to create shaping files to perform straight or concave and convex arc shapes with both vertical and horizontal blades

Basic programs installed
Simple digging
Circular and elliptical cut
Curvilinear elements cut
Inclined cut
Combined oblique slabs cut
Combined slabs cut
Kitchen top cut
Polygonal cut
Optional Software: CAD/CAM

A CAD / CAM powerful software, simple and intuitive. In the design phase it allows to draw freely geometric elements and surfaces: kitchen countertops, vanity tops, columns and silhouettes.

The software allows import of 2D and 3D file formats DXF, IGES, STL, PNT, STEP and RHINO and to define shapes and surfaces by laser scanning. You can set multiple processes: roughing, drilling, profiling, emptying and polishing, are performed by optimizing the execution process. The arrangement and production of pieces is automatically performed by managing tools and tool holders, with interference checking. EasyStone manages the interpolated lathe.


Photoslab, by means of a camera, automatically detects the measurements of the slab to be cut. The system allows to speed up the positioning of the pieces, avoiding any defects or allowing to perform cuts along the veins of the material.

Optional Software: Parametrix

The software entirely developed by our development center is perfect to import your designs or realize them directly in an intuitive and easy way thanks to parameterized figures, place pieces on the slab minimizing scraps, programming times and downtimes.

Parametrix allows to manage blade cuts processing, insert straight and curve shapes (steps, hobs, rectangles, covers), use default shapes and import DXF files. The software includes the following functions: collision avoidance, automatic and manual nesting, managing statistics of production and orders, rendering and drillings. Parametrix manages the MoveSystem optional (suction cups system to move the pieces) and the digital camera, that can be a really helpful tool in the marble processing.

Optional: Move System

Move System is an innovative system of vacuum cups for handling cut to sizes pieces. Its use reduces downtime and increases productivity while minimizing material waste.