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The German stonemasonry association in Donatoni

The German stonemasonry association in Donatoni - 28.03.2023

A full immersion in Donatoni’s world. A sizable group of the Bundesverband Deutscher Steinmetze, the German stonemasonry association, spent a day in Donatoni, being updated and in-deep informed about the last innovations, developed by Donatoni. The guests visited the offices and the production site of Donatoni’s head-quarter and they could see the machines working into the innovative showroom.


The stonemasons were particularly attracted by the CR01, while it was processing a statue. DONATONI CR01 is a medium- sized robotic solution, suitable to execute variously shaped processes, from the simplest to the most complex ones. Therefore, it is particularly suitable to process columns, tables, fountains, capitals, sculptures and many further artefacts, not only for building industry, but also for funerary art, that are areas of considerable interest for the visitors. Available on site a pool of Donatoni technicians, ready to answer any query and any request for further information, coming up from the visit.


The guests saw also the DONATONI DJ 6.6, a cutting center with combined technology: blade and waterjet. This machine is particularly versatile and permits to process cutting, thanks to the combined use of disc-blade and high-pressure waterjet, but also milling, by using the tool installed on the shaft of the main motor. Surely optimal for those companies that produce kitchen and bathroom tops, as well as thresholds, steps and cladding panels, but also for those enterprises interested in a multi-purpose tool, enabling to execute all cutting processes with a single machine. Obviously, even this machine attracted the stonemasons’ attention.