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Why use automation

Companies need to increase their competitiveness and in order to do that, they need to ensure they make top-quality products at a fast rate and at the right price.
Achieving this is possible through the implementation of new technologies, such as automation, which allow them to improve their production processes and concentrate their available resources on value added activities such as looking for new customers, innovation and the quality of products and services.

Automation is the driving force towards competitiveness and a technological choice that allows companies to achieve numerous benefits in terms of time, safety and control. Using technologies for automation, one can reduce labour costs and optimise production, plan orders and ensure deliveries, monitor production phases and control running costs.

Increased productivity
Reduced waste
Improved quality
Enhanced safety levels
Greater competitiveness
What does using automation mean

Using automation means implementing new, mechanical, electronic and computerised technologies within one’s business in order to control production processes and the flows of materials and information.

Within the automation process, the operator assumes a new role: his labouring element is reduced whereas his responsibility in managing the production process and quality control is enhanced.

For example, during the cutting phase, he can check whether the slab waste has been reduced to a minimum and, if appropriate, suggest a way of reducing it. Operations such as the lifting and movement of marble sections or their palletisation can be assigned to a robotised system, or production flows can be managed using integrated software. Delegating a machine to do what is normally done by a man is a reality available to all companies.

How to implement automation

Donatoni Macchine chose to develop automation systems to assist enterprises in the natural stone industry and not in their course of transformation.

The experience it has gained with numerical control machines and anthropomorphic robots enables Donatoni Macchine to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers.

Our service starts with a needs analysis and moves on to defining objectives and the realisation of a fully-customised automation project. Donatoni can produce installations, automatic systems for loading, unloading and palletising, integrated into overhead milling cutters or SX-3 and SX-5 multi-spindle cutting lines, develop production lines and solutions for automating manual processes and integrate pre-existing systems.

Whether you are manufacturers of kitchen-tops or coverings, or intend to optimise your production of vases or furniture items, we have the right solution for your company.
Take a good look at an automated solution: it is a step in the right direction for your company’s future.